Windshield Recycling Guarantee

Only From New England's Largest and Most Respected Auto Glass Company

GreenShield® is our commitment to responsibly recycle 100 percent of the windshields we replace. It is the first large-scale effort by any auto glass company to recycle and reduce the impact of consumer windshields at the end of their useful lives. Approximately 15 million windshields are replaced in the United States each year. The vast majority of these -- the equivalent of about 600 million pounds of glass and plastic -- end up in landfills.

That's why JN Phillips created GreenShield®. Instead of sending the damaged windshields we remove to a landfill, we collect them and ship them to a special recycling plant where the glass and the plastic laminate layer that keeps your windshield from shattering are separated. Both the glass and the plastic are used in new products, such as concrete block, fiberglass insulation, and glues for carpet and roofing.

How it works:


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