The JNP Story

We're proud of our local roots.

Right after the end of World War II, restrictions on travel and gasoline were lifted and Americans began a love affair with the automobile.  It was 1946, and it was a very good time to go into the auto glass replacement business.

Even back then, we were focused on innovation and training.  Automobile design advanced rapidly, and with it, the technology and characteristics of windshields and auto glass.  By staying at the forefront of windshield replacement, we grew along with America’s appetite for open road adventure fueled by the post-war industrial boom and plenty of inexpensive gasoline. 

Our commitment to convenience without ever compromising a safe, strong windshield replacement also has its roots in our early days.  As automobiles advanced, they became faster.  The advent of freeways and then the Interstate road system enabled higher speeds.  Windshields also began to play a more structural role as their glass area expanded and frame materials advanced. Today they’re actually categorized as a safety feature. 

That’s why, at JN Phillips, we never compromise safety.  But we know how important convenience is, too.  Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the safest most convenient windshield replacements possible by hiring and training top-notch professionals and continuously taking advantage of emerging technologies. 

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